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'Mutz to melt for'

Vito's is a mandatory must visit for any person who steps foot in Hoboken

over 7 years ago, Paulie LaRusso from Hoboken gave Vito's an A+

'More Arizona Love'

...wanted to send this email to you and your staff to Thank you!!! When I send people there from across the country and they leave happy - that makes me look good too!

Anthony M. from AZ gave Vito's an A+

'road trip'

...we stopped in your store and had the best meal of our 3000 mile road trip vacation. I cannot wait for us to visit our Hoboken cousins again. You made a little girl very happy.

Brian K. from ? gave Vito's an A

'I want some'

...you guys would do awesome down here... I hope to visit your deli some day...

Darlene B. from FL gave Vito's a B+

'what traffic?'

...Came in today (ate our subs while) waiting in traffic before the GWB, first time we did not mind traffic...

K from RI gave Vito's an A

'California Dreamin'

... Every time I come to ... Hoboken, I get one of your delicious sandwiches...and your mozzarella is the best ... even though there is so much really good mozzarella to choose from in that city.

Rosemary S. from CA gave Vito's an A+


...Love Vito's, best Mozz...

Kevin from NJ gave Vito's an A

'Thank You'

Thank you Vito's, your catering service for my party was a blast! ...our guests were very impressed. The food was soooo delicious - it was amazing

Maritza from North Jersey gave Vito's an A


We visited a while back and had Vito's "smokey", on the recommendation of The Food Network episode. The only problem... is that we couldn't stick around to eat more, everything looks and smells amazing.

Joe S. from WI gave Vito's an A+

'Arizona Love'

I was born and raised in Bergen County, N.J., and now live in Arizona. I have recently been in town to take my girlfriend and her boys to NYC. We went over to Carlos Bakery, and in our way down the road came across your establishment. I took them in to get some sandwiches for lunch that day. Until that day they just would not understand the difference between Subway and a real deli! I just wanted to say Thank You for the quality of your food and the service I have come to expect from my hometown people.

Anthony M. from AZ gave Vito's an A+